Ransomware – Victim Experience

November 14, 2016 Viktor 0

When a malware succeeds to gather over $200 million in just two years, it deserves the title of the most vicious one so far. Ransomware did that, and the number is still ascending. Statistics show Read More


Types of Online Threats

October 19, 2016 Viktor 0

Malware Any kind of software designed to annoy or harm the users is considered malware. The name is short for malicious software. Once active, malware is using one’s computer without him/her knowing. Trojan horses, spyware, Read More


How to Prevent Ransomware Infections

September 8, 2016 Dan 0

The increase in ransomware started three years ago. By the reports of IC3, the number of these scams tripled just in the USA over the last two years. Their malicious intention can be evaded easily Read More