ransomware attacks

10 Most Destructive Types of Ransomware

October 24, 2017 Jelena 0

The art of the ransomware changes alongside virus development. Ransomware is a computer virus program designed to use the same distribution as other malware software, and attack the unprotected computer. By way of development ransomware Read More


Ransomware Turns Attacks against Manufacturing

October 13, 2017 Jelena 0

Ransomware targeting manufacturing industry is rising, security experts fear far worse consequences than simple computer infection. Since ransomware has proven to be a profitable trade, hackers have recently turned their attacks on production lines. For Read More


Ransomware – Victim Experience

November 14, 2016 Viktor 0

When a malware succeeds to gather over $200 million in just two years, it deserves the title of the most vicious one so far. Ransomware did that, and the number is still ascending. Statistics show Read More