Videos and photos reveal your identity. While the audio data may contain your credit card numbers, secrets, and details of your whereabouts.

The Big Brother is Listening to You

September 1, 2017 Jelena 0

Dystopian-like subjects seem to draw the attention of a greater number of people in recent few years. The reason lays in a vast amount of reports showing government’s institutions involvement in all kinds of frauds, Read More

Big Brother spying is reaching scary levels.

The Big Brother Watches You

August 25, 2017 Jelena 0

Cameras and other types of surveillance devices are all around us. The country is worrying about their fellowmen, their safety, privacy and well-being. This is the official story, and the truth be told, it’s justified Read More

Hackers have turned to businessman's, Identity Theft the fastest growing crime.

Identity Theft Fastest Growing Crime

August 18, 2017 Jelena 0

Browsing the internet is a traceable activity. Much like a hunter, cyber-criminal (hackers) will pick up a trace, monitor your activity trail, and will step-by-step – collect your personal information, in order to profile you Read More


PC Privacy Shield – Real-Time Alerts

November 14, 2016 Viktor 0

Every effort one puts into protecting his/her privacy can become useless, unless there is some constant in these actions. Browser history cleanup, cookies deletion and similar can help to some extent, but it won’t prevent Read More


Adult Websites May Affect Your Privacy

October 18, 2016 Viktor 0

The massive survey conducted in 2013 exposed that only 12 percent of the US population consumes pornographic content. But if you visit any adult website using Alexa (analytic service for site trafficking) and compare it Read More