Identity Theft Targets

Identity Theft Who are the Targets?

September 19, 2017 Jelena 0

In 2015 Javelin Strategy, research and advisory company, released results of their study conducted in October the same year. Their reports show that 85% of all identity thefts happen online and mostly on the social Read More


What to Do After Identity Theft???

September 8, 2016 Dan 0

Being a victim of an identity theft can be more than an unpleasant experience. No matter the scale, if you are a victim, long and tiresome road is ahead of you. First Steps Once you’ve Read More


Credit Card Frauds Are Still Rating High

August 29, 2016 Dan 0

Credit card frauds are probably among the most favorable schemes among online-thieves and other abusers. The simple fact that users are just not security-savvy enough, even if only because of lack of awareness – makes it that Read More