How to Recover Your Password for Instagram

As Instagram popularity grows, so is our login frequency. Forgetting out our login credentials is an annoyance, for the obvious reasons. If you reset the password on your PC, the change reflects your smartphone too. Constant changing of the credentials may lead to account blockage. In the same time, chances of forgetting new passwords are greater comparing to the ones you were using for years.

By downloading Password Recovery Shield you’ll forget about password resets. If you have lost/forgot your password, the program will find it for you. Within few click, you’ll have your credentials displayed on your screen.

1.    Since you haven’t used to type your password for Instagram it’s no wonder you are here

Instagram Lost Pass

2.    Just click download on ShieldApps’s website and get ready to retrieve your pass

Password Recovery Download

3.    Install the app and run the first and the only page you’ll need

Password Recovery Install

4.    Type “”, get the information you need and go back to taking selfies and food photos

Instagram Pass Recovery