How to Prevent Ransomware Infections

September 8, 2016 Dan 0

The increase in ransomware started three years ago. By the reports of IC3, the number of these scams tripled just in the USA over the last two years. Their malicious intention can be evaded easily Read More


What to Do After Identity Theft???

September 8, 2016 Dan 0

Being a victim of an identity theft can be more than an unpleasant experience. No matter the scale, if you are a victim, long and tiresome road is ahead of you. First Steps Once you’ve Read More


Shield Antivirus – Active Protection

September 3, 2016 Dan 0

always going through your data looking for any potential threats. In the same time of detection, user will be informed about the potential danger and offered with the solution. First of all, malware or virus Read More


Privacy Awareness Quiz!

August 30, 2016 Dan 0

With the topic, like privacy, so commonly mentioned all over the media, we could presume we’re well informed. On the contrary, lack of knowledge is still the main reason for privacy breaches. Unjustified confidence helps Read More

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