PC Privacy Shield – Real-Time Alerts

November 14, 2016 Viktor 0

Every effort one puts into protecting his/her privacy can become useless, unless there is some constant in these actions. Browser history cleanup, cookies deletion and similar can help to some extent, but it won’t prevent Read More


How to Prolong Your PC’s Life

September 27, 2016 Viktor 0

Like with most electronics, a computer’s life is prolonged best if it’s maintained regularly. When it comes to computer maintenance, one thing should always be on your mind – operating system and hard drive. These Read More

Facebook Title

How to Recover Your Password for Facebook

September 20, 2016 Viktor 0

Soon after its launch, Facebook became an essential part of one’s life. Communication with others, connecting with people from all over the globe are just some functions of Facebook we use. Forgetting the password is Read More

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