Adult Websites May Affect Your Privacy

The massive survey conducted in 2013 exposed that only 12 percent of the US population consumes pornographic content. But if you visit any adult website using Alexa (analytic service for site trafficking) and compare it with some other website you’ll see something is not adding up. The truth is, some of the adult websites have records of over 300 million people from the US use their services daily!

Pornography websites earn money from either premium accounts or ads. On-site clicks are used for ads targeting. By this, websites log one’s information which may lead to a privacy breach. Since people almost never talk about pornography, it’s impossible for them to know the actual negative effects of watching online content either.

Adult Websites Log Your Information

Like any other website, ones providing erotic content also use cookies and may track your browser activity. The information gathered are usually shared with the third parties for advertising purposes. Unfortunately, this data can be used maliciously as well. Depending on the scale of information one website takes from you, the size of the possible harm varies. When in the wrong hands this information could lead to identity theft or public exposure of one’s sexual affirmations.

Every major adult website claims they are not sharing personal information of their users to the extent where it can be used against them. Even if this was true (and researchers say it’s not) one can’t stay completely safe. Why? Because some data is being collected after all. For one who hacks for a living, these small pieces of information are the essence. The smallest fragments may lead to a successful hack or worse. All information have to be stored somewhere. When that “safe-place” gets compromised, so is user’s data.

The Danger at Home

Each use of browser leaves a trace of user’s online path. Better known as the digital footprint. If one follows it, it can get to all of your accounts. This may compromise credit card numbers, full personal information and other accounts/profiles one is using. Even without a complete profile, a hacker can exploit you.

If your browsing history contains some embarrassing addresses you could become a blackmail victim. The digital footprint is left behind even in incognito mode, or after a browser history removal. The ugly truth is we are always being watched. The only way to stay under the radar is by using professional software designed to keep one in shadows.

Keeping YOUR Privacy is Our Main Concern

PC Privacy Shield has been ShieldApps’ flagship product for the past 4 years, placing the company at the top of the consumer-cyber-privacy industry. By deleting your digital footprint, PC Privacy Shield keeps your every profile (even ones you don’t speak of) safe. With every piece of compromising information wiped locally, there won’t be anything left for stealing.

High traffic on porn websites means higher danger level for its users. Even without the personal account, you can be affected by shameful popup ads. Thanks to cookies and third party sharing systems no-one is completely off their radar. By removing your digital footprint and everything related to your personal information locally is the only right way to keep them idle.