Privacy Awareness Quiz!

August 30, 2016 Dan 0

With the topic, like privacy, so commonly mentioned all over the media, we could presume we’re well informed. On the contrary, lack of knowledge is still the main reason for privacy breaches. Unjustified confidence helps Read More


Common Things That Risk Our Privacy

August 30, 2016 Dan 0

It would be naïve to say that we common PC users are not being tracked by hackers. No matter if you don’t have millions on your bank account, your personal information can be of use. Read More


What Could I Have Done Better?

August 30, 2016 Dan 0

Internet privacy is a matter we discuss quite often here at ShieldApps. It is something we work with and we tend to improve on the go as much as we can. Some of you who Read More


Is Identity Theft Insurance Enough?

August 29, 2016 Dan 0

With full scaled identity thefts on the rise, satelliting businesses tag along with complimentary protection offers. They work quite like regular insurance policies but this time, it’s your personal life and information on the line. Question is Read More


Keep Your Private Information Safe Online

August 29, 2016 Dan 0

As odd as it may sound, consumers’ personal information is the hottest commodity among many verticals and industries nowadays. Our online privacy has never been more endangered and the use of it is versatile, with not only Read More


Credit Card Frauds Are Still Rating High

August 29, 2016 Dan 0

Credit card frauds are probably among the most favorable schemes among online-thieves and other abusers. The simple fact that users are just not security-savvy enough, even if only because of lack of awareness – makes it that Read More

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